Yo yo yo! My Daily Draws have been scarily accurate. It scares me, slightly. Anyway, here’s my Daily Draw!


My Daily Draw


My card of the day is the Page of Pentacles. Today will be a bright and sunny day, it seems, with clouds rolling in later. Today a lot of the focus will be on studying, school, and finances/business. Today new ideas will come to me; I need to go with them, especially if it could pay off financially! Business may be slow today although there could be a surprise.


Page of Pentacles


I may also be a bit distracted today so I need to keep a clear focus on what I want, especially when it comes to business and money! But, overall, it should be a pretty good day; more peaceful than my life has been.


I’ll update this later with what happened today. Feel free to share your own Daily Draw with us!


Beautiful Blessings,

Natasha ❤


Here is another Quote of the Day Tarot Reading by my friend Angelo Nasios! Click there to be taken to his original post. Here is my version of the Reading!


So this quote is: “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”
George S. Patton


Today’s question to ask is “How can I be unique?”



My Reading


The Cards I pulled for this were the Ten of Cups and Strength. I think the Ten of Cups is referring to the problems I’ve had at home recently; it’s tell me that when it gets too, bad, it’s best to leave for a while than to fuel the fire. This way it’ll make me seem more mature than staying and arguing about something stupid. I think it’s also saying if I trust a little more, then it’ll make me more unique as trust is something that is hard to find these days.



Ten of Cups & Strength


Strength says persistence will make me unique. When things get tough, a lot of people give up. It’s saying I need to set myself apart from the crowd and keep going at it; even if I don’t come out on top, I won’t be going down without a fight! It’s also saying to only say what I mean. A lot of people say things they don’t mean; we all do. But by saying that which I only mean, it’ll set me apart.


Post your own Reading on this and be sure to check out Angelo’s site!


Beautiful Blessings,

Natasha ❤

Today I couldn’t post my Daily Draw in the morning due to time. But I did make a mental note of the Reading and took a picture!


Two of Swords


Today will be all about waiting around for something to happen. I may have an unexpected run in with an old friend but it would definitely be a near-miss; maybe to the point where we wouldn’t see each other (as seen by the blindfold). But today is also a day where I will move ahead without fear of things; I know where I’m going and, by golly, I’ll get there! I may also speak more with friends so they can comfort me. I need to take friends’ advice today; I need to be open to help. If a chance comes my way, it’s a good idea to take it! It may also be cloudy.


I’ll update this later with the results. Please post your own Daily Draw or a link to it!


Beautiful Blessings,

Natasha ❤

Today I need to hurry, too, to make sure I have enough time to get ready and make it to class on time! I’ve been very happy with the past two days of Daily Draws! Hopefully today will be another good one!




My Card of the Day is Strength! Today will be a very strong day for me emotionally, I feel. Things may try to get a little out of control, but I’ll set things straight! It’s supposed to storm today and be very windy (yes, I actually checked the weather) and I’m thinking my umbrella might blow inside out (which is never fun) and I’ll have to fight with it for a minute to get it back the other way.


There may be a few issues with my business today whether it’s not finding enough clients or some other issue. The first sounds very likely. There may also be some family issues today. Today is a good day for prayer.


I’ll be back later to update this. Please feel free to add your own Daily Draw or link back to your own blog post of your Daily Draw!




Let me begin by saying that this even shocked me to know just how much this Card described my day. No, I didn’t expect everything to be so accurate and dead-on. Yes, I thought this Card might be full of crap for today. But what really happened?


Was today strong for me emotionally, as I had said? Yes and no. I felt weak emotionally, but had to be strong to keep together. I had to be strong all-around. Yes, things got out of control; but, yes, I set them straight. No, it had nothing to do with my umbrella blowing inside out; what it must have been talking about was that the storm was so bad that it was hard to see while driving and the wind gusts for being in the 50+mph range would occasionally throw the car a little. As for prayer, when I put that down, I really didn’t know why; but it just felt right. Let me tell you . . . I prayed on my way home because I was afraid I wouldn’t even make it home! It didn’t occur to me until I arrived home that I was dead-on with a prediction. Yes, I did have some sort of business situation. Yes, I did have an extremely bad argument amongst family. All-in-all . . . today was very dead-on!


Beautiful Blessings,

Natasha ❤

Now to see what lies ahead of me today! I don’t have a lot of time this morning (originally I got up early but ended up falling back to sleep) so I’m going to try to make this short and sweet; only going to take one picture instead of two.


The Star

The Star is one of my favorite Cards in the deck. It is a Card of hopes, dreams, desires, wishes, and faith. This is telling me that, overall, I am going to have a GREAT day. It’ll be a very happy and fun day, which makes sense with what I have planned today. It may rain a bit which is possible since I have no clue what the weather should be like (oops). And tonight I’ll spend quite a bit of time looking outside up at the stars. It may also be a good idea to take a nice long, hot shower tonight to let emotions out. I may also see something by water today that will be interesting. Today, things will be better than I thought so I can’t cancel plans I have been I think I’m better off at home by myself; I’ll have a great time with my friend.


My advice for myself today is to believe in what sounds right to me. Don’t believe in that which seems wrong. If I follow my intuition, I’ll go where I want to go in time. I need to be open to Spirit today as I can tell there will be some conversation going on and guidance. I need to know that I’m on the right path–made a turn in the right direction–and I will be rewarded in due time.


I’ll update this later once everything unfolds. Feel free to post your own daily draw or a link to your blog that features today’s daily draw! Later, gators!




Today was exactly as I saw it: fun, awesome, and rainy. Yep, it rained! I had a lot of fun with my friend, too. I did find a lot of hopes and dreams surfacing today and I had a much more positive outlook on them. No, I didn’t see something by the water; but we DID watch a movie that had to do with stuff taking place by the water! Gave myself some good advice, too! I would LOVE to make this longer, but I’m tired as heck! Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow!


Beautiful Blessings,

Natasha ❤

One of my Facebook friends is a fellow Professional Tarot Reader. He has a new blog (check it out here) and is in the process of writing a book on Tarot! He has a cool exercise that involves using Quotes to get questions from to ask the Tarot! I thought I’d give it a shot! See his original post here!


Now before I begin, let me just say I won’t be doing this Reading on my vanity like I did my daily Reading. That was a special time. I’ll be doing most of my Readings here on my bed so you’ll mostly be getting plain pictures.


Today’s quote, “who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?” ~Maurice Freehill


Now I ask the Tarot why I am afraid of the dark and why I am afraid of the light.

My Reading

Why I am afraid of the dark – Queen of Cups: I find it very funny that this card appeared as it is my significator; me. I feel this is saying I am afraid of the dark because I’m afraid of BECOMING the dark; I’m afraid of being confused and lost. Sometimes it can be tempting, especially if you substitute “dark” for “evil.”

Why I am afraid of the light – The Lovers: It’s too picture-perfect. There, I said it: it isn’t all peaches ‘n’ cream. Fairytales aren’t waiting around every corner. There isn’t going to be a Prince Charming that comes out of the woods and rescues me from home. Sometimes when we see so much good, it just honeycoats things and we set expectations so high–unreasonably high–that when we don’t reach them, we feel we have failed when we haven’t.


Feel free to share your own Reading on this and please visit Angelo’s site to check out his post and others!


Beautiful Blessings,

Natasha ❤

I pulled one card today from my Gilded Tarot deck as my daily card; what I can expect for the day. I pulled the Six of Wands. It will definitely be a tense and frustrating day. I see myself as one of the people on the ground instead of the person up on the horse. I don’t see me as being a happy person on the ground but rather someone revolting, wanting to overthrow he-who-is-on-his-high-horse. I don’t like what he’s doing to me, making me feel lesser than he. I want a new beginning and for things to go my way. But I have to realize that life is a puzzle and we’re all a piece of it. Every thing we do is a puzzle and we all play our part in it. So I need to understand that whatever happens, happens because it has to; if it didn’t the puzzle would never be completed. I just need not think about what it is I don’t like today because it will only make the frustration worse. On a lighter note, I may receive some good news or praise for my work. Something will also happen at home, most likely arguing.



I will update this later to let everyone know what happened during my day. Please feel free to share your comments, your own daily draw, or a link to your daily draw if you have your own blog. Thanks for reading!




UPDATE: The Card really seemed to show my emotions for the day and gave sound advice that really helped. Due to things currently taking place in my life, this really pointed out my emotions, feelings, and thoughts.


Beautiful Blessings,

Natasha ❤